Apps 9 - Whats the best way to pass a purchase order that was created from a customer invoice onto the sales invoice print?

  • 11 January 2021
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We have a scenario where product is sold to a customer which is purchased from a supplier and delivered direct. 
Our current crystal invoice print needs to be reference the purchase order number as that appears on the shipping document. 
What’s the best way to achieve this? Use an IAL? Or simply reference on the crystal report? 

Thanks for help in advance

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Hi @BLLBrucemo 

You could do it with an IAL in the report, or a custom field in IFS (enabled for reports).

The main thing is to make sure adding it does not cause a performance hit.  This requirement will typically be achieved using a SQL fetch, whether you use an IAL or a Read-only custom field, you’re doing a fetch when you run the report.  As data grows over time the performance of that can deteriorate, and users will have forgotten about this being the reason why.

Important to make sure the business understands how this is done and the potential downside.