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  • 12 April 2024
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In our remote deployment, airgapped, we have been using jfrog artifictory.

For different reasons we want to change to other artifactory and are trying a setup with Harbor.

However, it doesn’t seem like the scripts provided can handle Harbor.

Looking for input around this. Anyone that are using Harbor or other artifactory than jfrog?

Guidelines for how to proceed.

Have not found anything in the IFS documentation about supported artifactories.

Currently we are running version 23.2.4

4 replies

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Hi @bjoekl,

I am not aware of Harbor, but I have been able to make Sonatype Nexus work with IFS and there are some customers who use it, as per my knowledge. 


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Thanks @Charith Epitawatta  Did that work without changing the original scripts delivered from IFS?

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Hi - We only support Artifactory (or syntactically similar). If you need to upload to another repository you will need to customize the upload script yourself. Make sure your repo is compliant with how microk8s and IFS Cloud downloads artifacts as well.

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Thanks @hhanse 

Upload works fine, but IFS Cloud installation stops due to missing support for OCI. We will create a ticket about support for OCI registries.