MailSender using on 23R2

  • 21 February 2024
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Can some on suggest configuration setting on mail server on 23R2 for office365.

what do i chose in Authencation Type. In earlier versions it was just on and off. Not sure if Basic will work. 



2 replies

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Hi @paguin ,

I believe you can still use Basic with O365 as Microsoft has not disabled it completely but in preparation for the future, you are better off using Auth code or Client credentials. setting up client credentials is slightly easier as you don’t need to setup access token and refresh tokens. You can find good information about this in


One thing to note is that using Oauth2 requires few specific configurations done in the O365 side so you would need someone who is familiar in that process to get everything setup right.


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That documentation is incomplete. I have worked with an experienced IT professional to attempt to set this up with no luck. I also reached out to our IFS partner about this. They don’t know. IFS, it is time to provide complete documentation on setting this up. Someone at IFS knows how to do this, they need to document it.