PDF_REPORT_CREATED for reminders

  • 17 March 2023
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where is the email address obtained from when sending reminders via email ?

I assume it is from AR-contact on the customer ? (Payment tab), but we are not abel to make this work. we have set ut the 

3 replies

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Hello @anitah 

Go to communication method and add an email method with email address in value field. Save your record and go to payment tab.


Select the AR contact from name field and set output media to E-Mail.


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Thank you ! No Print rule is necessary ?

this will not have any effect on the invoices an interest invoices  that we are sending as XML-files ?  

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This information you can use combining with E-mailing Reports using Event Action

It means that you can generate some PDF files, create an event on E-mailing Reports using Event Action window and send automatically the PDF to your customers.

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