Allocate cost to multiple cost centers

  • 18 April 2024
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I have a scenario like below and need to recreate in build place.

Common costs are reported as follows.
Rent 100,000
Wages 250,000

# of calls for Cost/profit center 1 = 200
# of calls for Cost/profit center 2 = 350

I need to allocate (pro-rate) above rent and wages for each cost center based on number of calls .

I used the Periodical allocation guideline but could not recreate . 

Can I get advice on what is the best way to approach this?


Best answer by Adam Bereda 18 April 2024, 19:14

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4 replies

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If you do it monthly, periodical cost allocation procedure step with manual distribution key for cost center following  # of calls will do this job. 

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Thanks @Adam Bereda , I was recreating PCA steps but could not see any data in “balances selected by step details” window. Any idea?

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Difficult without access to your environement. In step selection criteria you should select costs to distribute: rent and wages (by account?). And step should have period balances selection type.

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I could distribute the cost by defining manual distribution types.

And then skip the first step “Definition of Step Details”. Complete “generate voucher” and “update GL” as per the PCA guidelines in IFS documentation.