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  • 17 April 2024
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Hello! We are hosting the FSM app for iOS on a third-party application. On that platform, several users are unable to download the FSM app. What could the probable causes be? 
Some details:

  • After clicking on download, the download button text turns to ‘Try installing again’
  • Other apps on the platform can be downloaded without any issue
  • iOS versions on the users’ phones vary between 16 and 17
  • iPhone regions are also different
  • Users previously had the app on their phones but deleted the older version to download the latest version
  • Any  license related checks needed?

Any input will be helpful

2 replies

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Hi @SuryaSen !

The iOS FSM Mobile App needs to be distributed through Apple Business Manager program. That means that IFS needs to upload a signed iOS App especially for your company. Afterwards you can fetch the App through a MDM and distribute it further to your employees.

Please see also the notes in the attached FSM Installation Guide.

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This can happen due to two issues.

  1. Your ABM is not properly connected with your MDM. follow following steps to connect MDM to apple ABM.
  2. Your device is not properly connected with with MDM:


To find an MDM profile on an iPhone or iPad that your organization owns, open Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.

To find an MDM profile on a user-owned iPhone or iPad, open Settings > General > VPN & Device Management to show the managed account for the MDM profile. Then access the MDM profile by tapping Managed Account > Profiles and Device Management.

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