Shipment Charges

  • 22 September 2022
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Do we have a functionality in IFS to distribute the shipment charges (Freight) to customer orders for CO invoicing?

In our case freight is calculated by a  3rd party tool. 

2 replies

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I don’t think we have a way to distribute shipment charges to customer orders, because if then it needs some advance logic to decide how the shipment charges should be distributed to customer orders ( should it be done evenly or kind of a different proportional way ). Also it needs to think about rounding issues as well. Sometimes the 3rd party tool may have its own logic to calculate freight, so that it is hard for IFS to decide on it since it may vary situationally.

Anyway, you can use the shipment invoice to invoice the customer so that all the CO lines and charges will be invoiced from a the shipment invoice. 

If you want to use the Customer order invoicing ( instead of shipment invoice ), then you need to manually add charge lines to each customer order they way you want to distribute the freight charges.



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You can also consolidate orders in a shipment and calculate Consolidated Shipment Charges. Then, system will distribute charges within existing customer order lines available in shipment, based on weight or volume.