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  • 13 September 2021
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I set ‘Replicate’ at Customer > Order > Misc Customer Info > Replicate Doc Text. Added Doc text at CO line with the output type CO. At Order release, Shipment is created. Shouldn’t the Doc text be inherited from CO line to the Shipment line? Or is it only for the intersite orders?

Nor can I manually add Doc Text to the Shipment Line. Did I miss anything? The goal is to have Doc Text in the line of the report Shipment Delivery Note.  




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4 replies

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Hi @EnzoFerrari ,

Document Text is not inherited to shipment lines from CO lines. Actually, Document text is not available for shipment lines (cannot add manually). If the document text is available for any line level screen, there should be a column called Document Text.

If your goal is to print the document text in the Shipment Delivery Note, you can connect the Output Type to the document “Shipment Delivery Note” in Document Text Administration. Then, where ever you create a document text using that output type, that will be appeared in the Shipment Delivery Note in the corresponding section if the object you created the document text for, is available in the delivery note. (For Shipment delivery note, document texts created in connected CO lines, Shipment header, sales part will be shown)



Hope this helps.



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Thanks @ThushAsanka so when I go with the above setup, the Document Text will appear only at the Shipment Delivery Note header level (like you explained -  as opposed to line level where I add the doc text to the originating CO.)  

So here’s what I did if someone else in the community finds it useful. @ThushAsanka , please add any missing steps :)


  1. Added the Document under the Output type


  1. ‘At Site Level’ is enabled
  1. Entered the Document Text phrase to be displayed


  1. Connected this phrase to the Document


  1. Added the same at the CO line level


  1. However this comes up only at the header level of the document as Thusitha explained. This report doesn’t have it under line level unlike the CO confirmation.

@ThushAsanka , do you know any reason for that? 

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Hi Enzo,

Yes, the above steps are correct.

I have followed the same steps, but I get the text in the line level in the Delivery note report. Please see below.



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@ThushAsanka , I found the reason. We are using a modified report layout. Seems the Doc Text has been disabled there in the past. The standard layout works fine as you explained. Thanks again!