Delivery Route for every two weeks for Customer Orders

  • 13 April 2022
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I’m creating this post on behalf of a customer which has the following query.


Is there a way to set up a Delivery Route for every two weeks for Customer Orders? If we have a Customer that has a Wednesday 4/13 delivery for tomorrow then skips next week with the next delivery on 4/27.  I have tried the Number of Days Before Route Day but that would not allow my 4/13 date.

Would we have to set up a Calendar specific for these Customers?

5 replies

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Also, the customer mentions that they would need to set up a special calendar for each weekday to fulfill this requirement. But this will be a lot of maintenance for Customer Service. 

Therefore the customer is asking whether they would be able to do something with the Delivery Route without creating the custom Calendar.


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Another option that could work is to use the route exception in the delivery route, i.e. cancel the route every other week. This option will take a lot of entries and might need some data migration to be feasble?


Or only enter each Wednesday when you have a route in the exception table:


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Hi @Fredrik Johansson LKP 

We have the same “issue” here but with the slight change of the need to ship once a month (boat deliveries from Europe to Latin America). We have used the second set up you suggested and added a Transport Leadtime in the Supply Chain Matrix for Site as this is internal trade, carried out via Distribution Orders.

It looks good from one site but not the other.

We do get the needs bundled on the dates stated in the route, and everything looks good from the Supply Site perspective, but the PO on the Demand Site get Planned Arrival Date as the Planned Receipt Date entered in the DO header, and not according to the calculated Planned Ship Date (chosen from the Delivery Route Schedule) + Transport Leadtime. This gives a miss match when the demand site can actually expect the delivery to arrive. 

The Planned Arrival Date should be 2022-10-13+100days = 2023-01-21 right?


Is the routes not applicable in combination of delivery leadtime and DO? Or do we have to make another setting in the Supply Chain Matrix for Site? 

We have added 100 days in both From Supply Site tab and in To Demand Site tab, but the Route is only applied in the To Demand Site tab.



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I think I have managed to solve you issue (if I have understood it correctly?).

I have entered the following in supply chain matrix:

The date calculation with lead times work like this then in the Distribution Order, Customer Order and Purchase Order:

Planned Due Date = 2022-09-09
    + Picking Lead Time = 1
Planned Ship Date = 2022-09-12
    + External Transport Lead Time = 2 
Planned Delivery Date = 2022-09-14
    + Transport Lead Time = 10
Planned Arrival Date = 2022-09-26
    + Internal Transport Lead Time = 10
    + Internal Inspection Lead Time = 0
Planned Receipt Date = 2022-10-10

In the documentation there is an About Lead Time post which describes this a bit more. 

Hope this is what you were looking for?

Best Regards



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Hi Fredrik,


Almost :)

I’ve been looking in to the documentation and also old bug and solutions but cannot find the answer to my question. 


The issue we have when bundling shipments is that the Planned Delivery Date on the DO is directly reflected to the PO which gives a mismatch of 12 days in this matter. Everything looks good on the CO and the DO, but creates issues in the PO.

In real life, the goods are being shipped 2022-11-10 according to the Delivery Route, the Transport Lead Time is 100 and therefor the Planned Arrival Date on PO should be Planned Ship Date + 100 days (2023-02-19). 

On the demand site, the PO has Planned Arrival as the DO Planned Delivery Date + 100 which is incorrect as the delivery is controlled by a Delivery Route and shipped earlier than actually needed, to fit the route schedule.

Planned Ship Date is moved 12 days ahead in time due to a Delivery Route that is applied - correct behavior


In the PO their is no way to see that the goods will actually arrive 12 days before the Wanted Delivery Date. If that should be reflected in field Promised or Planned Delivery Date I’m not sure, but as it is now the demand site is blind when it comes to the actual arrival date, in this example the dates are 12 days off due to that the Delivery Route is neglected in the PO. Or have I missed a basic data setting that will make this correct?