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  • 9 September 2021
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Dear Community,


We have several sites in different countries in our company. The customer base with addresses is used globally.


We partly have an issue with customers that are used by different sites in different countries. There are different country-specific or customs-specific requirements for the documents. In addition, our business covers different industries, which have different requirements for the documents. However, up to now it has only been possible to link one document at a time (delivery note, forwarder, transport, etc.). In order to meet the different requirements, additional, duplicate addresses always had to be created up to now. This inflates the address database a lot and makes it confusing.


It was therefore suggested that it would be helpful if the Documents tab in the Customer, Address tab, ASC Data for [...] sub-tab could be created on a site-specific basis.


Since this is an extension of existing functionality, this should be considered in future versions of IFS. To identify the importance of this feature for other customers as well, I wanted to share this idea here.


Is there a need for other companies as well?


I look forward to your thoughts.


Best regards, 


3 replies

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I believe that I don’t understand your requirement.  I wouldn’t have thought documents like (delivery note, forwarder, transport, etc.) would have a need to be connected to a customer address, rather I could see the need for a particular customer order.

It seems very counterintuitive to create additional addresses just to connect individual documents, so I can understand why it would get very confusing.

I can’t correlate a similar need for us, we have multiple companies, multiple sites, in multiple countries with shared customers, but we would not ever create duplicates of the same address just for the purpose of attaching different documents.  We would adjust the naming of the document or document revision so it was clear to which country/company it belonged.

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Hi Shawn,

thank you very much for your feedback.

To the best of our knowledge, it is not possible to manage or link the documents in the customer order or customer schedule agreement. The customer order or customer schedule agreement takes the information from the address in the customer master. Also in ASC Shipping or ASC Transport it is - as far as known - not possible to select / change the documents. The basis for this is the customer address.

Even with different document revisions or document names, only one of them can be linked to the customer address. 

The idea of additionally attaching the documents to the customer order or customer schedule agreement is not bad either. There are indeed additional documents which have to be sent along with the shipment and which are related to the order. However, this makes less sense for basic shipping documents such as delivery bills if the same document is always to be created. 


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“ it is not possible to manage or link the documents in the customer order or customer schedule agreement”


We have thousands of documents connected to the Customer Order.  Check your Object Connections, what entries are available for Customer Order and Schedule related objects?