Call Center Queue & Permissions

  • 20 March 2024
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Running into a few different setup issues with call center (23R2 S2)

  1. It’s possible that an Assignee can be added to Queues that belong to Support Organizations which they themselves do not belong to.  
    1. What would be the benefit of this set-up?
  2. Cases Queued to my Queues - Lobby Element - My Call Center
    1. The Assignee is connected to a Case Access Group with a restriction of Local.  They are only connected to Support Organization A.  Many cases exist with a Case Type of Global.  The Assignee is able to see other cases that do not belong to their Support Organization in Cases Queued to my Queues lobby element.  They are also able to Accept these cases.  
      1. Why would this be the case?
  3. Is there a permission set that could be overruling this basic data set-up?
  4. Is there functionality defined for Case Completion vs Case Closure?  For example, what would be the intended to benefit to complete the case instead of just closing it?

1 reply

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Bumping this to see if anyone has any feedback on these items.