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Needed parts-module not in v15.2

  • 21 January 2022
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Our procurement manager really miss the Parts Needed-module from v12.5. He now uses General Queue, but finds it a bit cumbersome.

Any ideas on how to quickly get access to the same data?


Best answer by Phil Seifert 22 January 2022, 10:59

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4 replies

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Can you find the parts using the Material Due Queue module?

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Thanks, Andrew - I’ll bring this to the team

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What does he find cumbersome? Setting the filter to retrieve only needed parts? The order of columns?

You could also create a view In the General Queue with the filters set to what you want to find and use this as the default view.

Plus he can rearrange the order of columns by dragging them and save that with the view also. 

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Here is an example of using the UI to re-arrange the order of columns to match the old Needed Parts module within the General Queue and filtered to Needed status.