MobileEdge application white screen on HTTP environments (not applicable to HTTPS environments) using Chrome V110 and higher

  • 14 February 2023
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There was a change in Google Chrome 110 which was recently released which impacts the Mobile application when run from HTTP URLs (this should not be the case for PROD environments but you may have development/support/QA/staging environments that are configured in this manner).  This issue will only affect users running the application in Google Chrome (it will not impact techs running on the iOS or Android Native applications).  When they try to browse the http:\\YourServerGoesHere\AsteaMobileEdge\ URL on a Chrome browser the screen will display a white screen, if you open up the Developer Tools and look at the Console Log you will see an error that says the following:

Access to the WebDatabase API is denied in non-secure contexts.

The solution here is to update the Registry Settings on the PC with two new REG_DWORD values (and then close and re-launch Chrome afterwards).  Details can be found on the following Google links:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\WebSQLNonSecureContextEnabled 0x00000001
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\WebSQLAccess 0x00000001


1 reply

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Thanks, Reid!

Normally we advise customers to use the native clients instead of Chrome when using Alliance Mobile Edge.  Chrome can be used (often for quick troubleshooting) but issues should be validated with the native Windows, iOS and Android clients.

Small tip, if the organization requires this registry modification for multiple users, after creating these keys on one Windows OS client it is possible to export the new keys creating a .reg file which then can be used for other Windows clients. This avoids instructing people how to make the changes manually preventing inadvertent registry changes.