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We are a make-to-order company, we will always see an amount of scrap from production, which is why we manually add 10% to the shop order quantity then the customer has asked for.


Is it possible to get IFS automatically to add e.g. 10% more than the customer order is.

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If you have 10% scrap rate and the sales order quantity is 100 kg, the shop order will be created with a quantity of 112 kg (think backwards, what quantity do I need to start with if I want to get 100 kg in the end and must scrap 10% of what I produce...)

System will peg 100 kg out of the 112 kg to the customer order. If you end up with scrapping only 2 out of the 112 kg, you will receive 110 kg to stock where of 100 kg is reserved to the customer order. The remaining 10 kg will be available in stock for any other demand.

I’m not aware of any way to mass-update the Scrap Factor for inventory part. If you want to update a large amount of parts I think a script is the best idea.

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Yes this can be achieved by entering a Scrap Factor for the manufactured inventory part.

In below case I have entered a 10% Scrap Factor for part MTS

I create a customer order with Sales Qty = 10. In this case I have Supply Code set to Shop Order, but the principle is the same if MRP or DOP would supply it.

The shop order is created with Lot Size = 12 (in this case the quantity is rounded from 11.1111 to 12)

Note that system now expect 2 PCs out of these 12 to be scrapped on the order. The expected supply (Remaining Net Supply) is still only 10 and will remain so until you scrap more than 2. 


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Thx, seems to be exactly what I need.

Two questions though:

  • If we use 10% as scrap rate, the sales order is 100 kg, shop order is created with 110 kg. but from time to time we scrap less - let´s say that this time only 2 kg. is actually scrapped, will 108 kg. then be available as good finished goods or will it actually scrap 10%?


  • Is there an easy way to add the scrap rate for all material at once, or do we have to open all Inventory parts one-by-one to change this? (if not I assume we could ask our local consultants to do a batch change for us)
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Thanks for the explanation, it is clear for me know.