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Need to add some buttons to the ToDo List

  • 2 October 2019
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I am wondering if there is a way to add following pages as buttons to our Homepage- ToDo List:

Database Rule Search
Task Search
Task Definition Search
Fault Search
Location Search

Our To Do menu is brutally long so this would be a timesaver.

Best answer by Hashani Fernando 2 October 2019, 07:02

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There are a few search options available as buttons. Unfortunately, none of the search options that you're looking for except for the "Location Search" exist as a button in the application.

The suggestion we can provide you with is to create a new menu for your user role and add the essential search pages that you would be frequently using. This will enable easy access to the search pages by simply checking through the new menu.

Please follow the below steps to add a new menu and menu items:

1. Do a Role Search and go to Role Details page> search for the required user role and click the link of the result
2. Go to Menus tab > Create Menu button > give a name, lets say "MRC - Search" > OK
3. In Menu details page, click "Assign Menu Item"
4. Search as "Name: search" and select the "contains" option at the bottom
5. Now you can select the search pages you need quick access to and click "Assign Selected Items" button

Now you will have the already-existing-menu with a long list of pages and the new-secondary-menu (eg: MRC - search) with the few pages that you frequently use which will be a time saver.