IFS Maintenix Experience

  • 19 October 2022
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Good Day,

Looking for guidance on implementing IFS Maintenix for Line Maintenance. Any support or guidance would be appreciated.


3 replies

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Hey EC! What kind of implementation are you trying to do? Do you already have Maintenix, or are you researching an MRO solution for your company? Or have you purchased Maintenix and looking for how to complete the implementation?

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Hi EC,

In April’s 23R1 release we are launching Mobile Maintenance, a mobile app for line technicians.

In the Maintenix product we have Line Planning and Line Execution modules. Tim is asking the right questions, the best option will depend on your use case and situation.

I have forwarded these questions to our Partner Enablement group and I’ve been informed they have contacted you directly.

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Thanks Robert, much appreciated for the guidance and support.