How are users utilizing the "Ship or Shelf" process in Maintenix?

  • 17 June 2023
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Southwest had a ship-or-shelf (SOS) program where they examine the part (quarantine) then decide if the part needs to be shipped for repair.  Southwest would like the system to auto quarantine certain parts (and also have removal reason be one of the drivers for the automation). There is a ship-or-shelf checkmark available in Maintenix, but it is for information purposes only, doesn't have any logic built into it. 

Curious how/if other Operators have a ship-or-shelf (SOS) program and if so how are they managing that in Maintenix, if at all.  




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There’s mixed uptake on the SOS functionality among our materials customers.

I know of at least one customer that has a relatively full process for SOS inventory in Maintenix.  They have a large number of part numbers marked as SOS.  They also have an SOS removal reason which routes the removed inventory directly to QUAR.  Once in quarantine, they manage the SOS process using well identified SOS quarantine actions.

A few other customers have used the SOS flag on the part number to track an SOS process that is managed mostly outside of Maintenix.  But fir these customers, most of the work is done outside of Maintenix to manage SOS. 

Other materials customers don’t have any SOS process in Maintenix.  They mange entirely by other means outside the system.