Any Maintenix users working with PP&C?

  • 5 February 2020
  • 3 replies

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I would like to know among this Maintenix community users, the ones who work with PP&C.

I would like to figure if you face same issues or not.

The purpose will be to share some workarounds.

Many thanks for your replies.

Kind regards


3 replies

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Hello Djamila,

I have not spent any time with PP&C.  Other than reading the documentation at one point, I have no direct experience with it.  I am not sure who in this community forum is familiar.  It might be best to just ask the questions and see who responds.  Or, if you send me an e-mail I can pass it on to the other Architects.


I have implemented PP&C at several customers as well as running customer training. I’m more than happy to chip in and help with any questions.


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Sorry for a negative response, but PSA is not using PP&C at this time :grin: