Access to Maintenix for 3rd party

  • 11 May 2022
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Can someone please inform us how they are providing access to their Maintenix system to third parties i.e. MRO / Line stations ? Do you use citrix, vpn, or some other technology, or are your servers on the internet? We are trying to plan our configuration and are looking to find out how others have theirs configured.

2 replies

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Hi Bjarki,

We are using an Internet portal but are in the process of changing over to Azure AD.

I have seen at least one Airline host a public domain name directly to their Application, google it :)


Our Airline setup Maintenix on Amazon cloud so we can provide access to our providers 3rd party line and MRO to our system anywhere you have internet access.  They require to “exist” in Maintenix as users and have valid password.  Also we have deployed several layers of security measures to monitor activity and avoid attacks.  I guess that at least another 2 airlines also have hosted internet access to Maintenix.

Besides the obvious advantage on access, we also found that using cloud providers offers great flexibility to escalate, provide sandbox environment, backups and great reliability.