Employee Onboarding Program Assingments

  • 27 March 2024
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Employee, who have had several assignments in past, with our company - and has now new reemployment period ... and this is the view from Onboarding program assignments. 

Why program has assignments in to past? Might not related directly to onboarding, since  employments start date is “valid” for previvors periods, even the valid to dates are in past. 

 Onboarding responsibilities are correct, there is no duplicated lines.The onboarding  template is connected to employee via “new employment”.

What are we missing or is this a bug? I think just the first two rows should be visible. Appreciate your comments, thank you :)


3 replies

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As I see, this isn’t a bug, but rather a potential enhancement idea.  

The onboarding solution has been developed with a primary focus on the connection between employees and onboarding programs. One notable aspect is that templates can be assigned directly to employees without considering specific assignments. For instance, users have the option to assign templates either through the Onboarding Program Template Details page or by using the "Create New Onboarding Program" button on the Onboarding Program Details page. However, this approach poses a challenge in providing an overview that clearly displays the connection between each assignment and the corresponding program.

Users can navigate to the Onboarding Progress Page, if they want to follow-up the progress which offers an overview of onboarding programs assigned to employees. Additionally, the Onboarding Program Assignments page serves as an alternative platform for assigning onboarding templates. Its primary purpose is to identify new employees or recent assignment changes, ensuring that all applicable employees receive an onboarding program.

Example: If a user wants to view all new employees hired in January and ensure that each of them receives an onboarding program, they can filter employees based on their employment start date and assign templates as needed. Similarly, if the user needs to track assignment changes for managers during January and ensure that they receive onboarding programs, they can filter employees based on assignment validity dates and assign templates accordingly. For HR auditing purposes, if the user wants to confirm whether all Project Managers who joined last year have completed a specific onboarding program, they can filter employees based on the validity dates and program name.

In addition to filtering options, users can access historical information through the Onboarding History Dialog. Clicking the "View Onboarding History" button provides a detailed view of assignment changes and onboarding program assignments for selected employees, including start and end dates.

It's worth noting that all assignments of active employees are displayed on the Onboarding Program Assignments page. However, considering scenarios where there may be numerous assignments, it might be beneficial to enhance the user experience by displaying only valid assignments by default. This enhancement could help minimize confusion, where tracking onboarding for expired assignments may not be necessary.

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Thanks for your reply. We actually haven’t considered other options to set Onboarding tasks, than via New Employment process. There you have the option to assign the Onboarding template to employee for specific organization/position/validity period - we would assume that this is the correct way to connect the tasks just for valid assignment. We assume that this should give the needed end result?


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Yes :) what you've explained is indeed one way to assign a template to employees. 

However, there are other options available as well.

1. Assign a template through "Onboarding Program Template Details" page (Not specific for Assignments) 

2. Onboarding Program Details page – "Create New Onboarding Program" button (Direct program creation without using templates - Not specific for Assignments)

3. New Employment Assistant

4. Single Employment Assistant

5. Group Employment Assistant

6. Onboarding Program Assignments Page

Regardless of the approach you choose, the end result is creating a program for the employee. However, according to the functionality, the program will be saved per employee, not per assignment. So, it's not possible to display it alongside assignment details for an overview.