Unable to schedule quick report : Error STUCK thread while executing native sender: 'null'

  • 30 August 2023
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I’m getting following error when I try to schedule a big quick report (it takes 20 minutes) :

STUCK thread while executing native sender: 'null' 
Caused by: ifs.fnd.connect.senders.ConnectSender$TemporaryFailureException: STUCK thread while executing native sender: 'null'



We did the change ifs.bizapiTimeout.ExcelQuickReport.RenderExcelDocument=3600 in file and restarted application server (+ reconfigure) like suggested in others posts. But, we are still having the issue.

Can anyone help?

Best regards

2 replies

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Hi @Nikita38,

This error seems to occur because the application server task exceeds the time limit for stuck threads in Weblogic, which is 600 seconds by default.

If the issue has not solved even though you have changed the value of  ifs.bizapiTimeout.ExcelQuickReport.RenderExcelDocument to a higher value than 600, what you have to do is improving the query performance, or use alternate mechanism (other type of report, introduce indexes, caching tables etc.)

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@Nikita38 , Did you ever resolve your issue with quick report, I am having the same issue.