mwo time booking different time zones

  • 22 March 2023
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Hello all,

We are have issues when our engineers in in other time zones book time on Mwo, our service is set to UK time zone.

Doing below test, it was 13.00 DK time (12.00 UK time)

Work Order created (UK time is shown under “Journal”).
Changed to Released, still under UK time zone.
Transferred to Mobile Work Order, still under UK time zone.

I changed my computer time to Singapore (20.02 when change was done)

Default “Start” time on the mobile work order shows the time I set it to.

When I go to the “Actual Finish” box and say, job completed 19.30 local SG time, it jumps to “21/3 02.30”

And when I try and save, I get “Actual Finish date cannot be in the future” error, but for “me” in Singapore it was completed 40 mins ago.


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