Is there any possibilities to Add posting information in Manual Supplier invoice from External file assistance

  • 2 April 2024
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I am able to upload the Manual supplier invoice from External file assistance. But I am not able to do Posting Information 


Can any one help me 


Best answer by cynthia.wilson 2 April 2024, 21:47

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3 replies

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You need to load teach line type required for inputting the invoice, and you need to ‘connect’ them with the invoice number - this is an example of a file template we built based on the ExtSuppInv File type for our specific needs.  We only require rows for the Header, the Invoice Line and Posting lines (look at the File Type) Highlights are the different line types.  Below each line type is example data to load one invoice with one invoice line and one posting row.



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Hi @cynthia.wilson ,


Thanks for clarification. I think , we need to enable Multiline as well or it is enabled by default.


Can you please share this excel file as well, if you have any step to step document, Please share





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I’m not sure the excel file would helpful since it is specific to our enabled code parts.  I would recommend taking a look at how the STDSIN1 (system defined) file template is set up and use that as a starting point for the fields you need, then define how you want the template to look for inputting the data in excel.

I don’t think you have to enable anything to input multiple posting lines using this template’s structure.

Also, I should mention that we use posting proposals - if your instance does not, then this is might be slightly different, but the starting with the STDSIN1 template is the way to go for multiple posting lines.