IFS Cloud - Custom Event Action REST Call not sending Query Parameters

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Hello, we are currently on IFS Cloud 23R1 and I am setting up a custom event to send data to a Rest API for further automation. I have my custom event and event action set up and I can fire the event successfully, but it appear that IFS is not sending the query parameters that I am asking for. Here’s my event action: 


On my REST API server, it receives the call to the endpoint, but there is no query parameter attached, and the server returns a 422 Unprocessable Entity: 


Here is a correct call to the same endpoint with a query parameter from Postman: 

The API correctly receives and processes the query param from Postman (by just displaying the data in the console. But it never receives any query parameters from IFS Rest call. 

Is my syntax wrong in my Event Action, or am i missing something else? 



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