Customer Order Line Reservation Issue

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi all,


I have a problem; there is a customer order line has picked qty>0 with picked state but reserved qty is zero. For that reason I would like to reserve the customer order line on manual reservation for the customer order line page. There is enough available qty on inventory part in stock page however manual reservation for the customer order line page comes empty in details tab.

So I can not reserve the order line, what could be reason? 


In addition info;
The available stocks are in a location that location type is shipment.
The line has a problem that "The line could not be reserved. The part is not available" on Handle customer order shortages page.





1 reply

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I hope this message finds you well.

Customer order reservation cannot be made form a Shipment Type location and should be available on a Picking type location.