Custom Field not selected for display on the default table view

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Dear IFS Community,

We added custom fields on Sales Quotation Lines with the Page Designer but these fields are not displayed on the default table view.

Custom Fields not selected for display on the default table view


Field configuration:

Custom field attributes 1 (KO)


Custom field attributes 2 (KO)

Do you have that kind of problem?

This is working with another field so I think there is an issue with the standard of IFS.

Custom field selected for display on the default table view
Custom field attributes 1 OK
Custom field attributes 2 OK

I created a case for IFS support but I think they don’t understand the problem, it’s not an issue with different context because we have only one context on our Production environment.




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Hi IFS Community,

We also have one context and the same problem as described above.

Also when moving standard fields in Page Designer, they will not be visible in table view if they are listed as Available to the left side under Table View settings.

Example Project ID is a standard field under Customer Order Lines:

From the 42 first lines of our configured view above, 19 fields not visible.

Restore default under Table View settings should always be the complete list of fields or the one configured in the context.

Is there any plans to improve this?

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we found a solution, please check Fieldranking settings bellow Content on the Page Designer.
You need to add the field in Fieldranking or delete Fieldranking settings.


Fieldranking settings in Page Designer


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That’s great, thank you!

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That’s great, thank you!