Leap Year 2024 - Remember February has 29 days. Please check your calendars

  • 17 January 2024
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2024 is leap year.    

Please make sure to review and update all your calendars. 

Accounting periods for GL and IL

Statistical periods

Fixed Asset calendar if using


Once you have posted a transaction to February you can no longer change accounting periods via the application.  

If you have already run Aggregate Inventory Transaction Per Period you also will not be able to change your statistical periods via the application.   

It is imperative you review and correct your periods now.  


If you are not able to change the periods via the application because you have posted transactions and/or run the aggregate inventory transactions you can log a request for service for a billable data repair.   

Please note below post regarding changing accounting periods via SQL.  





1 reply

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@Nancy Fink Thanks for the heads up. I just wanted to confirm that we have changed the accounting periods (although transactions were posted) via a data repair script in multiple cases. So, this is doable. but, always good to take corrective actions before going for a complex data repair.