German GDPDU-01-08-2002.DTD file is missing

  • 1 December 2023
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There has been a Tax Audit of our German company. We have configured the audit assistant and files have been generated for each source. So far so good. To complete the audit we also need the GDPDU-01-08-2002.DTD file. I have created requests (first issue then service request, in the IFS Portal as well as sent two escalations, but noone seem to know what I am asking for. Audit should have been closed already but latest this week. What can I do to get this file?

4 replies

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Please try these link:
IFS Interface Audit File (GDPDU) | IFS Community

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Hi Marake,
i contacted our community to check the availability of this KB article.
I will let you know when i received an update.

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We are facing similar issues with German Tax authorities. @Ralph Gericke the KB article referred to is locked. How can I get access to it?

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now a KB-Article exists to get the .dtd file:

IFS Product - IFS Interface Audit File (GDPDU) (

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