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  • 18 April 2024
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Has anyone more detailed information on the full setup of the financial connector? I have done the setup to transfer Customer Invoices. I got to the point that the application messages are generated and xml files written to SFTP.  What I don’t see is data in Transferred Customer Invoices Analysis screen. This makes me think the setup I did is not complete. I’d appreciate any feedback from anyone that worked with the Financial Connector before.


What I was able to do thus far regarding Transfer of Customer Invoices via Financial Connector:

  1. Make sure Send_Customer_Invoice is enabled + correct Receiver/Sender is set


  1.  Define for which companies the transfer process should be executed
  1. Defined Routing Address:
  1. Defined Routing Rule”
  1.  Run Transfer Customer Invoices
  1. Application Messages are generated and files transferred to SFTP:
  1. Invoices also appear in Customer Invoices in Transfer
  1. However they don’t appear in Transferred Customer Invoices Analysis screen.

 This makes me think the process is not quite finished. I have also noticed an ‘Example’ inbound routing rule for Example_Confirm_Send_Customer_Invoice which runs a projection action → IfsFinancialsConnectorInboundService.ConfirmSendCustomerInvoice


Is this process really finished only after the confirmation of the sent invoices is received back? What happens if we never get such a confirmation? Would this be an issue?



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