Concern over Cash Flow Forecast behaviour

  • 19 April 2024
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Hi All,

According to the help documentation, Create Cash Flow forecast is defined as The activity used to create a forecast of future cash flows from the cash flow information collected from the specified companies based on a selected analysis ID.

But when we create a cash flow forecast, details show only the past data and not any for the future.

Highly appreciate if someone can tell me how this functionality works?



2 replies

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The cash flow forecast should include all open transactions as enabled in the sources (open invoices, POs, COs, PRs etc.). The date shown is payment terms + wanted delivery date (for orders)  or planned payment date for invoices etc. 


Could be that you have a lot of open transactions from historic periods, hence the event date is shown in the past?


The second thing to check is - what are the dates in the Cash Flow Forecast? 

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Hi @Dharshankumaar Mahendran,

This seems self-evident, but it's worth noting that in addition to @Ieva Rituma’s advice, updating the Cash Flow Analysis before defining the Cash Flow Forecast is necessary.

The process involves collecting cash flow information from specified companies based on a selected analysis ID. However, if the analysis hasn't been updated with the latest data, a new Cash Flow Forecast won't reflect future projections accurately.

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