Cannot do Supplier Invoice Matching when Goods are Pending for Inspection

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We realized IFS cannot do supplier invoice matching when goods are pending inspection.

I have below testing steps

  1. at company level, i have Ownership Transfer at Receiving into Arrival.
  2. I have a part that needs inspection, it is received into QC location. pending for inspection
  3. at this point, i am doing supplier invoice matching. i cannot.
  4. I can do invoice matching after inspection is completed.

we would like the goods hit our company property, then supplier invoice should be able to match and make a payment.

Why IFS system behave like this? are we doing something wrong?

Thank you.

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I believe it is how the system is generally designed to work.

You should be able to check ‘show all’ when in the ‘match receipts’ dialog and match the uninspected receipts.

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@cynthia.wilson Thank you for your inputs. I will test you mentioned. 

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@cynthia.wilson Just tested, system does not populate the value, but Show ALL will display the order line to be selected, and I can do invoice matching successfully. Thank you.