Supplier for Purchase Part Document attachment

  • 2 April 2024
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Is there any restriction/limitation on the Supplier for Purchase Part window to add new documents?

Trying to get the “New” button enabled, can use some helpful pointers.


Followed the steps mentioned in the Enable attachments in IEE windows | IFS Community 

Granted the user with Document Administration permission sets. Users can attach new documents in other IFS screens, not in the Supplier for Purchase part. This brings the question, is there any special setup needed or any limitation (APP10 UPD16)


Best answer by matt.watters 2 April 2024, 20:14

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If you have refreshed the security cache, it may simply require exiting IFS and logging on again.

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@VirajW if Matts suggestion doesnt work, you can further check whether any object connection transformation rule exists for the above Logical unit. (PurchasePartSupplier). Search the LU in target field.

Refer documentation:


Editable Value Settings

The editable value controls whether it is possible to attach new objects or not when using object transformations. It also controls where (on which business object) any new objects should be attached. The editable value can have three different settings:

  • None (default) - This indicates that the attachment panel is in a read-only mode for the specified service and target. No objects can be attached or removed on the target business object.
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Hi @matt.watters thank you for the feedback Yes did the refresh. before posting here 😊

Hi @diwelk  - Object connection Transformations, Editable filed is currently set to None, let me play around with this and get back. Thank you!

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Hi @VirajW  refreshed the security cache and also check in object connection window.

put all required data in object connection window. after that restart your user. hope your issue will be resolved.

Window screenshot is attached for your reference.


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