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  • 9 January 2023
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The community has continued to grow this year, due to your steadfast contributions and company. This year we had:

We added 5229 new members, slightly more than the 4800 that joined last year, bringing us to just over 15k members. Our new members are a mix of new customers and partners, starting out with IFS, and current employees and partners who are just discovering the community. Please continue to tell your coworkers about the community, as we know we haven’t reached everyone who uses IFS in their day-to-day work!

All these metrics represent individuals; people who have contributed - asking, reading, responding, and collaborating. We’d like to recognize a few of these people, as our: 

Best All Around: When you look at the points in the community - which you earn by posting replies, receiving likes, and having people mark your replies as best answer, our top 3 are @Phil Seifert , @Mathias Dahl , and @ShawnBerk . Phil has the most likes received and also a high number of best answer. Mathias has the most replies, with lots of answers and likes. And Shawn replies to WAY more topics than he posts, racking up likes and answers as well. Thank you for your dedication this year!

Most Likely to Respond: @Mathias Dahl posted the most replies this year, with 703. He was followed by @BenVollmer who is most often seen in our idea area, with 586. @ShawnBerk comes in 3rd with 568 replies.

Most Liked: @Phil Seifert received the most likes this year, with 786. @Yasas Kasthuriarachchi comes in 2nd with 576 and @ShawnBerk  has 480.

Most Likely to Like: @Charith Epitawatta has quite a bit of content in the community - 332 replies with 446 likes, but he’s also given the most likes - 554. Liking content really helps others in the community know what many find valuable. 

Most Likely to Answer Your Question: @Phil Seifert takes this one with 153 answers!

@Charith Epitawatta isn’t far behind with 110. @Mathias Dahl has 86, @ShawnBerk has 85, and @Björn Hultgren has 64. We know that there are lots of questions that have an answer, yet might not be marked correct, so I do want to also call out those who reply often and offer advice - @Link , @Shneor Cheshin , @Adam Bereda , @Lee Pinchbeck , @Saranga Amaraweera , and @Rusiru Dharmadasa  are our next top posters.

Rising Stars: We had 3 members @IniEdmundW , @EqeRobertK , @Steve Exley join and make their way to hero in the same year. So, welcome and thank you!

Heroes: We have 351 users with hero status at the end of this year! By comparison, last year we had 270, and 63 the year before. While I’m not listing you all out here, but your contributions are not unnoticed. Thank you!

Superheroes: At the end of 2021, we had 42 superheroes - @durette , @dsj , @johnw66 , @Yasas Kasthuriarachchi , @anmise , @Rusiru Dharmadasa , @Lee Pinchbeck , and @paul harland,  @Phil Lamerton , @ShawnBerk  , @Asela Munasinghe , @william.klotz , @ThushAsanka , @Charith Epitawatta , @Xavier Fernando , @Srikanth , @Dumeesha Wanigarathna , @Kasun Balasooriya , @Vimukthi Mahakumbura , @Sajith D , @NickPorter , @dhlelk , @Shehan Almeida , @Minoshini Fonseka , @MadushaDissanayake , @Sajith Anushan , @Anushka Bandara , @Saranga Amaraweera , @Susith Setunga , @Kalpani Dissanayake , @Himasha Kapugeekiyanage , @Thilini Kumarasinghe , @Isuru Wijeratna , @Tharindu Illangasinghe , @Manoj Ruwanhewa , @CallumW , @Imal Thiunuwan , @Janitha Jinarajadasa , @Phil Seifert , @Rasika Lakmal , @Thanushi Jayaweera , @Ragaventhan Sathananda , @Atheeq Maharoof , @Imal Thiunuwan 

We ended this year with 66 total, adding @Anjula Priyanath , @Bhagya Wickramasinghe , @Charith Epasinghe , @cjohnson , @Dilan Senevirathne , @eqbstal , @Himasha Abeywickrama , @HoiAnushB , @Ieva Rituma , @jabous , @Kasun Manuranga , @Kelum Pradeep Kumara , @Link , @Manoj Balasooriya , @martinnc , @Mathias Dahl , @matt.watters , @Mike The FSM TechnoGeek , @Nethmini Kosvinna , @nickz , @Randini Jayasundara , @Reid Gilbert , @roklde , @RutJWhalen , @SanjeewaJ , @Shanuka Lashan , @Shneor Cheshin , @Tomas Ruderfelt , and @tomgreenwood 

Ultimate Hero: Our resident FSM subject matter expert @Lee Pinchbeck became our 1st Ultimate Hero last year. This year, he was joined by @Phil Seifert and @Charith Epitawatta . These 3 have answered a combined 290 questions this year, with just over 1000 replies.

Many initiatives from last year have continued on: 

  • We’ve continued hosting IFS Success Sessions and while we’ve had a slight break, thank you to @BobDC , @justin_charbonneau , @ktandon , @Tom Gregory , @Matt IFS Smith , @Minoshini Fonseka , @LakmaliRD , @Chamaka Wimalarathne 
  • Ideation has taken off in the community, with over 2000 ideas posted. Look out for an update from product management shortly on what we’ve implemented and planned. 


Thank you all for continued support for and use of the IFS Community!


Our plans for this year are to continue to add value to this site and make it an integral part of experience with IFS. We look forward to working with you on this journey! 


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I think it should also be noted that @KristenGastaldo is a Superhero as well! Thank you for your excellent service within the Community.