Price mapping from PO to CO - Intercompany workflow

  • 15 March 2024
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Hello, I have a question related to amounts mapping in the intercompany workflow.

I am using ORDERS message class to send PO from customer company to supplier company and CO gets created with all information in supplier company, except for the price field.


Also when i modify quantities in a PO change order, and send it to the supplier company, the quantities are modified but not the price, it is set to zero again even if in process i had manually added in CO before change order.


Do you have any idea on how to first get the price mapping from CO to PO?  (i can see the amounts in the out and inbox connectivity message being transferred from customer company to supplier) We don’t use internal price sources for the part on CO line as we try to get price from PO.


NB : in this customer scenario, , supplier gives amount to put into PO to customer (information given through a shared excel), that is why it is required to have same amounts in PO and CO.




3 replies

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@MelTanyaS Given the setting of Send Order Price is available in Supplier for Purchase Part, I cannot think why it is not working for non-inv parts. The availability of the Send Order Price suggests the consideration of similar requirements by IFS, so I guess it should work for non-inv parts unless an explanation is provided. 
I suggest to raise this in a Support ticker for RnD to look at or create Community Idea. 

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Hello @Daniel Asplund 


Thank you for your reply; we are using no part order lines in the PO and it is received by supplier as non inventory sales part. 


Do you know of any other way to proceed without purchase part? 


Thank you 




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If this check box is selected,  the price, discount and purchase part description you send by EDI/MHS to the supplier will update the price, customer order line’s discount and sales part description on the incoming customer order.