What are the permissions needed for "Start historic Work package" button?

  • 2 October 2019
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A new button called "start Historic Work Package" was available in Maintenix 8.2 SP5. Users can use this button to record the start of a work package that occurred in the past.

The user's role has been assigned the permission ACTION_START_HISTORIC_CHECK, but the button is not visible on the start work package page for the latest version. Only "Start work package" and" Start Work Package and Enter Usage" buttons are visible.

Are there more permissions that need assigning to the role to be able to see the "Start Historic Work Package" button?

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The "Start Historic Work Package" button was actually existing in versions older than 8.2 SP5. In SP5, the buttons were renamed as below:

Start Historic Work Package was renamed to Start Work Package.
Start Work Package was renamed to Start Work Package and Enter Usage.

The functionality of the buttons is the same as it was before. Start Work Package button now has the "historic" functionality and Start Work Package and Enter Usage button has the functionality of previous Start Work Package button. The usage will be automatically fetched at Start Work Package. This makes the Start Work and Start Historic Work package functionality identical. The system uses the provided start date to determine the work package usage.
If user needs to edit the usage values, "start work package and enter usage" workflow will have to be followed.

This change was released in 8.2 SP5u2. More details on the functionality and on the changed names can be found in Operator_Release_Notes.pdf for 8.2 SP5.

The permission you have identified is correct. ACTION_START_HISTORIC_CHECK grants permission to access the "Start work package" button which was previously "Start Historic Work Package".

ACTION_START_CHECK is the permission that enables the "Start Work Package and Enter Usage" button which was previously "Start Work Package".

Hope this clarifies your doubts.