Too Many Clicks in WorkBook?

  • 4 March 2021
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When working with our customers, we try to reduce the number of unnecessary clicks Workers need to do to complete their work. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. 

The main way we can reduce clicks through configuration in WorkBook is to either:

  1. Consolidate screens, so the worker has fewer screens to click through. This is usually done using the Genesis configuration tool.
  2. Remove some of the options the worker needs to select on each order. For example, each of these options may be enabled or disabled through the WorkBook config.xml or license file:
    1. Acknowledge. Workbook may be configured to require a click on the Ack button. If you’re not interested in having the timestamp on when the worker acknowledged the order, this function may be removed through configuration.
    2. ETA. Workbook may be configured to require a click to provide an estimated time of arrival for each order. Just like Acknowledgement, this may be removed through configuration.
    3. En Route and On Site: Most customers appreciate the granular information provided by having workers timestamp when they leave for the work order, and when they arrive. However, if this information is not useful to your organization, these buttons can be removed, so that your workers can go from viewing the order details to the first screen of workflow with a single click.

What other options for reducing clicks in WorkBook or WorkSpace do you use, or wish for?

1 reply


The process of filtering a drop-down in WorkBook has far too many clicks ... that could be improved to work with just one or two clicks. I think that’s already on the roadmap.