What is the URL for WADACO URL for Device

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Hello Team,


As per F1 we are trying to access following WADACO URL:

[application server address]/fndext/soapgateway?handler=DataCaptureManagement

but we are getting error 404 with /fndext/soapgateway is not found on server . 


We have tried to access URL by changing  INT layer and it is accessible:

[application server address]/int/soapgateway?handler=DataCaptureManagement


Does that mean INT layer suppose to be use?




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Hi Nikita,

The DataCaptureManagement handler, service is deployed in an Integration server, yes INT is in use.

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Hi @NikitaVelapure19 ,


The device need to have access to the Wadaco WSDL.
[application server address]/fndext/soapgateway?handler=DataCaptureManagement

In order to do that, the application server must be reachable from the mobile device

Authentication between the Windows Mobile client and the WADACO web service is done through Basic authentication

The device must use the same network as the application server  

Otherwise as you mentioned error 404 for server not found will be fired.

If the device is outside the network, remoteaccess should be set up via ISA/TMG (reversed proxy) to the server.