WaDaCo (Scan It Aurena Native) Create Custom "Process"

  • 2 February 2021
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Hi , my customer very instested in WaDaco Aurena Native. While, there are still a few functionality they required are NOT in the WaDoCo "process".

So, they want to ask , if we are able to IFS Development Studio to develope custom "Data Colloection Process". (or only R&D can do this.)


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Yes, this is possible with the Aurena Native version of WaDaCo. Aurena Native App development is no different to Aurena development. There are a few additions to do to handle the mobile flows but there is no requirement to have specific mobile os knowledge or skills. And there is no need to re-build and distribute the mobile App itself as the schema, page definition and business logic are downloaded to the App.

You can read about Aurena Native development in the Technical Docs here >>>

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I guess this a cross post since the same question was posted on Workplace also. 
Please note that creating a wadaco process don’t require any knowledge about the client code or Aurena Native, a wadaco process is 100% build in the server code with PL/SQL packages and methods.
If you are looking for some insight I could recommend you check the template file DataCaptProcessTemplate.plsql in the WADACO component and then look at how our current processes have been built up, you have examples of them in INVENT/ORDER/SHPMNT/RCEIPT/SHPORD/WO/KANBAN components, most of them starts with the file name DataCapt<ProcessName>.

Also on Workplace you find the WADACO Network group where both R&D and Consulting personnel frequently asks and answers questions about wadaco.

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@Dario Zani, can this also be done by IFS Cloud customers?

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@Jur I guess that depends on how customer adaptations are handled for IFS Cloud customers, which I don’t know much about myself. But if you have customer adaptions already it would be handled in a similar way I would guess.

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@Dario Zani  Thank you for your reply!

I check the Wadaco component source code, but cannnot find “DataCaptProcessTemplate.plsql“ could you tell me the path of the file? or send it to me by mail?

and regarding the exmple file: DataCapt<ProcessName> , I do find them in each corresponding component. 

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@Shou the path if you are using subversion/harvest would be something like this core-10.0\workspace\wadaco\template\wadaco\DataCaptProcessTemplate.plsql . I don’t know if this file is checked out in a build environment thou, probably not since its a template file.

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@Shou Another thing that might be good to know is that if you build a new process for a customer, the code don’t need to be as complex and incapsulated as our CORE processes are. When building directly for a customer you probably already know exactly how the customer want the process configured, like in which order the items comes in the configuration, how they are fetched (manually/scanned or using LOV or fetched automatically from server code), you can skip items that not necessary for the specific customer (like serial or lot batch etc). 

In the CORE processes we don’t know in which order the different items comes since they are configurable, so we had to try and build the server code very generic and make sure it could support as many possible orders that the items could come in. The order in which they come will also control the filtering of later items in the configuration, so that’s why most items in the configuration can be automatically be fetched when a unique record have been identified in the process.

So a process build directly for a customer can be implemented in a lot more simpler way than our CORE processes, so that is good to think of when creating new processes, you don’t need to follow all the code patterns we have created for the CORE processes.

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@Dario Zani 

I found the tempalte file, thank you.

And yes, for a read project, because we already know the specific inputs/outs of a process , it will be definatily easier to coding.


Thanks again!