WaDaCo: How can i add new Data Detail ID

  • 9 November 2021
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I want to add Location Group and Location Group Description to a WaDaCo flow. Has anyone ever enabled/added this before? See image. 




Best answer by Dario Zani 9 November 2021, 16:07

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4 replies

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@Christian Cordius Location Group is not available at the moment as a Feedback Item for this configuration. Please create a case to IFS to check the possibility of adding it.

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I had the same question, thanks @ShadowWizard for clarifying :)

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Hi @ShadowWizard  

I know Location Group is not standard IFS functionality for the FIND_INVENTORY flow. I read in another forum it’s possible to add CF’s in WaDaCo in ‘Custom Menus’. So maybe it is also possible to add a ‘Item Detail ID’ without contacting IFS??


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Hi @Christian Cordius 

If you have the REDACO extension you could add new Feedback Item yourself using that built-in functionality.

If you don’t have REDACO it can be done as a customer adaptation if you do your own adaptations or have consultants for that. It’s not that hard to add more feedback items, you basically just have add stuff in 2 files.

  1. Add the new feedback item(s) to the script that installs and update the process, in this case POST_INVENT_DataCaptFindInventory.sql
  2. Add new logic inside method Data_Capture_Invent_Util_API. Add_Details_For_Find_Inventory

Since this is the Find Inventory process that is a bit different than the other processes and shows the result in a long list so the feedbacks here have been design to show more information per line I would suggest to put Location Group and its description together on the same line.

I’m not sure that IFS will agree on adding new Items for every Case that we receive if they are not considered as bugs or missed functionality or really important to have in a certain flow. We have added Data Items and Feedback Items sometimes in support if they have been considered important. The Find Inventory process is a bit special and there is extra considerations to take into account there, that’s why we haven’t added serial and lot batch information for example.