WaDaCo - Difference "Fixed" and "Default"

  • 6 September 2021
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Dear All,


I was working on the “Receive_shop_order” configuration.

My item lines are in following order:

  1. Handling Unit ID
  2. Order No
  3. Release No
  4. Sequence No
  5. Part No
  6. Eng_Chg_Level
  7. Serial No
  8. Lot_Batch_No

Under ‘Lot_Batch_No’ I used these parameters:

  • Use Fixed Value = When applicable
  • Use automatic value = Default
  • Default Value = *
  • Fixed Value = *

Running the program, I need to input the Handling unit ID and the program automatically fetches all information and stops on the Lot/Batch no with a default value * proposed. So far so good.


Now I always want the Lot_Batch No to be = *, and not present this to the user. So I changed the settings to;

  • Use Fixed Value = Always
  • Use Automatic value = Off
  • Default Value = NULL
  • Fixed Value = *

However, when I run the program again, it will stop on ‘Part_NO’. It seems the application no longer finds the connection to the part number - somthing that worked perfectly in the first attempt. I find this strange because the lot_Batch_No is only entered on line 8, the part number on line 5. SO in my first attempt - the right part no was automatically retrieved although I did not yet confirm the Lot Batch NO = * ; but setting the lot_batch_no fixed to the value * makes me lose that connection.


Can anyone please explain what is going on?

How can I set the Lot_batch_no fixed to * and not lose the connection to ‘Part_No’?


Best Regards



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Hi @Timmermans Roel ,

There’s a separate wadaco process to receive handling units from shop order RECEIVE_SHOP_ORD_HANDL_UNIT.

Have you tried that ?



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Hi @Timmermans Roel ,

Normally if you set an item to Use Fixed Value Always, that value would be used directly as a filter on all items, even those before it in the configuration (like Part in this case) and that would not cause any problems.

Looking at the code for this process it seems like Part is identified/filtered by Order No, Release No and Sequence No but Lot Batch No is also used here, so I guess that is one difference that seems to affect the fetch of Part automatically, is the Part visible in the LOV?

From what I can see for the data source for this functionality Lot Batch No could be NULL in some cases (especially if SO is cancelled), a thing like that could affect the result. But in this case I would guess that the SO your are working with is not cancelled. So maybe instead it could have something to do with that the Lot Batch on this data source is fetched from either a reserved lot batch or from the SO itself. I cannot say for sure, why it happens but its probably connected the data source somehow and the fact that we are using Lot Batch No as filter here. Normally this would work but in this process it might not.

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Hi @Dario Zani ,

Thanks for the reply. The Part No is not visible in the LOV - so there is indeed something going on that makes it impossible for IFS to find the correct Part No. Just as you I thought the Part No is uniquely identified by Order No, Release No and Sequence No but somehow it doesn’t find the connection when * is set as a fixed value.


i’m going to try the suggestion from @ThushAsanka and try to achieve the same using the RECEIVE_SHOP_ORD_HANDL_UNIT. I’ll try to update this topic when I find a solution/alternative.


Thanks for your input.


Best Regards


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Hi @ThushAsanka,


I had a look at the RECEIVE_SHOP_ORD_HANDL_UNIT but this will not work for my solution. I need to be able to enter the actual produced qty of the handling unit and ‘Quantity’ is not present in this configuration. So that doesn’t help me.


Thanks for your reply anyway. For now I’ll go with the default Lot/Batch NO = *.


Best Regards