WADACO configuration guide/video

  • 2 November 2021
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Does anyone have WADACO Configuration guide or a video?

Kindly share it with me.


Thank you



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5 replies

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Hi @dumindatdn ,

Can you follow below posts and its presentation and demo



Also find below technical docs




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hI @Manoj Ruwanhewa 


Thanks a lot for the quick help.


I am having a permission issue for these pages and technical documents cannot be downloaded with my user.

Kindly advise with a alternative method.


Best Regards,


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Hi @dumindatdn ,

Technical documentation available here


How about the other 2 pages? You don't have access for them?

@KristenGastaldo , could you please verify whether above  community posts have external access?

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Hey @Manoj Ruwanhewa ! The two posts by Bob are accessible to customers, partners, and employees. Docs is open to everyone. WIT links are only available to IFS employees (something we can’t change). 

@dumindatdn  - I’ve updated your permissions as a customer, so you should have more access now! 

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@dumindatdn  the wadaco configuration options are vast and I don’t know if those videos goes in that in-depth detail level of everything that is possible. Usually consultants, IFS or Partners, helps customers understanding and setting up wadaco configurations.

I think that the help and about texts for wadaco give a lot of hints on how to setup configurations and the important parts of different processes. Also looking and using the template configuration (=1) can help understanding how to configure a process and then you can try and change some of the settings to see what happens and how it affects the flow etc. But you need to take a copy of that configuration since very few settings are allowed to be changed on the template configurations.

If you have any additional questions you can always try and ask them here also.