• 25 November 2022
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We have a need for displaying blocked material on the scanner with something that really pops out. In the process of handling blocked material we do need to move it sometimes but then it would really be great if the WADACO really displayed that out loud so to speak :) A really poka yoka action


Can someone please help out? We are using App9




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Hej @elegre 


Wadaco is not famous for poka yoka action normally 😉

You could perhaps do it as customization to that process. I would add it like a new data item that asks the User if they really want to do it and they have to answer with like Yes/No. That item could be defaulted by server logic to only ask for a value under certain criteria's and under other criteria's it just give a default value so the user don’t have to enter anything. And then you have to write some logic to handle what they decide like give an error or just not execute the move.

This is same solution I would recommend if you want to simulate a warning in the process since wadaco cannot handle normal warning or info messages.