Use of wildcard characters in Scan-It WaDaCo app

  • 8 July 2022
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Is there any way to use Wildcard characters within a WaDaCo transaction?

We have configured the “Find Inventory” function to ask the user for a part number, and then display stock of that part. The transaction is working correctly, but it currently shows stock in all our locations (e.g. Arrival locations, floor stock locations, quality control locations, as well as standard picking locations).

We would like to limit the results to only show stock in locations with a Locations IDs that start with the letters “S01". I tried setting the location datapoint to use a fixed value of “S01%” or “S01*” but WaDaCo doesn't seem to understand the wildcard characters at all (it just errors stating “Inventory location ID S01% does not exist on the site”).

As an alternative solution, we could limit the search to only show stock in locations with Location Group “S01” but I don’t think that’s possible either as the “Find Inventory” transaction doesn't have a datapoint for Location Group.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

  • Robin

3 replies

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Hi @RobinHunter 

normally it works. But it is a little bit differently than IEE.

For example: You type “103” or “%103%” for a part no. Then you need to click on the value list in Scan It - not on save. Both values will deliver the same result in Scan It.

“%” works good between a certain character. 

For example: “10%2” 

This is my experience with Scan It 10.

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In the configuration for location, we use a default value that would have the S01 in it. When the scanner asks for location it will show only the locations with S01. from there they will have to select the location and the it moves on . 


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Hi @RobinHunter 

Wadaco don’t work with wildcard characters at the moment. But as was mentioned earlier there is search/filter functionality for the List of Value function for each data item, plus there are a couple of extra search settings per data item you can setup (look the last couple of settings per each data item for that). The search/filter options works a bit differently depending on which app is used (the Aurena one have some limitations that older app don’t have).

But generally you enter the search or filter value in the scanning field before you press the List (of Value) button then the list will be filtered on what you searched for. That is the closest we have to using wildcards in wadaco at the moment.

You could probably even combine the 2 suggestions and use the Default Value setting so you don’t need to enter the value and then press the List button to filter on the value (I’m not 100% sure but I think that should work).