Process 'Register Arrival' not appear in main menu

  • 1 September 2022
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Hi Community,

I am trying to configure WADACO in a 22R1 fresh installation. All the basic configurations are done and I can get moving with certain process. However, process ‘Register Arrival’, not appear to process. Even it is in released state and allow company/sites and all users. I have tried ‘Process part on transport task ’ and ‘Process shipment’ with similar setup and those appear to process(screen shot below). I am using embedded client in the application (not any mobile clients yet).

Has some one seen this behavior before? or any other tips to get rid of this problem? could this be a permission issue? (Where to check and what are the projections/pages I should grant)

Appreciate your early response pls.

Thank you,


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Hello @wrprabash,

I guess Data Collection Menu is not enabled/used for your Company/Site by any chance. I’ve just tested this with one of the Latest IFS Product Development 22R1 Reference environments and it is working fine there (‘Register Arrival’ process appears in main menu as soon as it is ‘Released’ provided that Data Collection Menu is not enabled/enabled but ‘Register Arrival’ process is not attached to it).

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Hi @Kanishka Dilana ,

Thank you for the response. ! But i am not using any specific menus as you can see from the screen shot attached. I added them to main menu. Also as you can see i have this problem with only one process, other process appears without any problem. Company/sites all users allowed.

I am not sure why it is not working in this env. maybe it might work in core with adequate security and all other setup.

Any input on this to solve my problem will be helpful !



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These 2 projection actions need to be granted for the user for that process in Cloud:

Security_SYS.Is_Proj_Action_Available('ReceiveWithSerialsLots', 'CreateSerialReceipt') AND
 Security_SYS.Is_Proj_Action_Available('CreateReceipt', 'CreateArrivalReceipt')


Info comes from the process server code and its method Is_Process_Available

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@Dario Zani Thank you ! I will check.

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Thank you for the response. ! But i am not using any specific menus as you can see from the screen shot attached. I added them to main menu.


Note that is not always possible to see from the menu screen if you are using a manually created menu or if its automatically generated one. It would only be obvious if you had some folders with names that are not real process names, then we would know its a manual created menu.

In our internal environments this is always a hassle for me as developer when I just want to test out a configuration quickly. Very often someone have created a menu for the company/site I’m using, then I will not see the newly released configuration until its added to the menu (or I remove the company/site setting on that menu  😈).