IFS Cloud 21R1 - Warehouse Data Collection- part description

  • 24 November 2021
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Hello everybody,

In the Wadaco Configuration “Register_Arrivel” the part description s not displayed when I put it as Item detail under the PART_NO


But the PART have a description as I can see at “register arrivals for this Reference:



Does anybody have an Idea?

Thank you.


Best answer by Dario Zani 25 November 2021, 11:19

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2 replies

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If you want part description fetched from the register arrival (or PO Line ) try and have at least source_ref1, source_ref2 and source_ref_type before part_no in the configuration (you might also need source_ref3, source_ref4 before part_no in worse case). But at the same time if you don’t have those items before part_no it should have tried to fetch the part description from the inventory part at least, not sure why that didn’t work here, might be a minor bug somewhere there.

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@Dario Zani thank you it work´s