How to install and configure Scan it in the current version of IFS or Aurena? (Read the description)

  • 28 July 2022
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Hello community, (This is not an existing topic, I checked before)


I've been searching around here for a topic that would help me install and configure Scan it, but I found that some are skipping important steps and that didn't help me completely.


We have access to Aurena version 10, but we have been using the IFS executable software for 1 year.


My question is: After installing the Android application 'Scan it for applications 10', the access was configured in 'Account Manager' and accessed with the 'IFS Credentials and password'.


NOTE: We use the master user


I managed to generate the license on the website as a test and I pasted the license on the IFS as per the tutorial of another topic.


After these steps I open the Scan it app and the following question/message appears: 'No processes enabled for current user and website. Change website?


When researching this, I found that I needed to do a setup over WADACO and IAM.


I found WADACO in the permission set, but I didn't find IAM and got lost in these steps as the topics opened here appear in different paths and screens.


I need to know how to access IAM and how to configure Scan it within IFS, beginner.


Thanks in advance for reading and if you can help me,




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First I would suggest that you setup so you can run the scanning from inside wadaco in the regular Aurena client or IEE (IFS Executable software) where you can access the entire IFS applications, without using the Scan It app. So you are sure how to release/adapt configurations and perhaps create a menu for it (its not necessary to have a menu, its will be generated automatically if there is none created for the specific site you are running on).

You don’t need a scandit license to start using Scan It, that is only if are using a scanner/mobile with camera-scanning instead of regular scanner and you want to scan some more advance barcodes that the free built in barcode app cannot handle (like for example some GS1 barcodes). Scandit is not the same as Scan It, its just an extra scanner plugin for camera scanning. If the app tried to use the scandit plugin it will tell you clearly if there is no license entered, otherwise you will not even notice it.

There are 2 different Scan It apps for Android for Apps10 the regular one (that uses account manager) and Scan It Aurena app for Apps10.

About "No processes enabled for current user and website. Change website?" I really hope it don’t say website (if it does it must a translation mistake), its just called Site in IFS applications.
The message points to that you don’t have any configurations released and created for the site you are running (or the processes have not been granted correctly, see other questions here about that how to find and grant the individual processes like

). This is why I suggest that you first make it work in the regular client before you start trying the Scan It app. When the menu/configuration have been setup correctly in wadaco you should see similar result in both regular client and in the Apps.

I don't think you need IAM for Scan It app that uses account manager, I think that is more for the Scan It Aurena app.
But I think both apps require a TAS server to be setup correctly (I cannot help you with that since that is outside my expertise).