How to associate wadaco tasks done and mobile printer to users of warehouse trucks

  • 5 August 2021
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We have a number of warehouse named trucks, lets call them T1, T2 etc. Each truck has a mobile printer attached to it, so as IFS users on a given truck perform  wadaco scans, etc through Scanit, they need their IFS user id to automatically be assigned to that truck and the printer on it become their default printer for that session on the truck. Rather than using generic IFS user ids associated with each truck (eg user T1, T2, etc) so that the printer on it is assigned and tasks are recorded against that, the requirement is for the IFS users to login with their own personal ids, for traceabliltiy purposes (who did what if something goes wrong).
So whenever a user called Tom Smith with a user id in IFS of TSMITH for example starts working with Truck T1, all the scan it operations are logged against his user. However how can we then get IFS somehow assign the user TSMITH the printer on Truck T1 as his default printer, for his time using that truck, and then if he later goes to user another one, assign his printer as the one on the second truck? Or a simple way to add something in Scan it for him to select which truck he is going to use, so the printer is then assigned?
Thanks for any tips on how this can be done in a way that is simple for the user to do with a quick select and click option.

I must add that this option would need to be available for use from the mobile tablet/scanner device on each truck when they start their work,


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Have you played around with the Printer Definitions window by changing the Report User Printer and/or User Printer tabs? Do you have a central way of reporting in IFS whenever a user’s assignment of a truck changes? For instance, it could be the remote warehouse assignment. If you’re handy with a bit of custom events, the system can automatically change the default printer assignment to the user; else, it will need to be done manually when the truck assignment changes.

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HI I am trying to assign a printer to a user now, as their default printer. How do this in IFS please, so all prints they do come off on the same printer? Where is the Printer Definitions screen (navigation please in IFS 10)


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Above query is resolved now.