GS1-128 Barcodes

  • 17 August 2022
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I have configured WaDaCo in Cloud to use GS1 barcode with AI codes 91 (part number), 20 (revision), 10 (Lot Number) and 30 (Quantity).  All Labels from the suppliers come in this format.


When I scan the GS1 barcode in IFS Scan It, it bombs out essentially taking everything in the scan (minus the 91 AI code) as the part number. 

Error with Scanning Wedge


If I enter a Scadit License Key in the application parameters and scan using the camera to invoke the Scandit SDK, it works without issue.  Why is this only working for the camera and not the actual “gun” scanning?  All “gun” scanner support GS1-128.


No Error with Scandit SDK camera




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2 replies

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Hi @ctaylor56 

I’m not sure, but a guess would be that maybe it have something to do with the FNC1 separator character and what setting the camera vs scanner have when they return that value to scanning field. Maybe camera send the value that matches what you have for your wadaco process configuration while scanner sends a different character.

If they FNC1 character is not matching what you have on your configuration the GS1 parser code will not be able to find the end of each segment in the barcode string, which is what error almost indicates.

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Yes, we resolved this yesterday.  You are correct.  The scanner had to be configured on how to interpret the ASCII 29 FNCI separator.