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Can I convert booked stock ?

  • 16 November 2021
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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Hello all,


We received raw material a few days ago but it was booked in stock without the conversion factor.

1 bar = 2 kg or 1 pcs = 2 kg

We purchased the material in kg but we booked it in pcs. So instead of having 290 kg of raw material we got 290 pcs of that. Can I convert the existing stock to kg ? Please help ! 



Best answer by ShadowWizard 17 November 2021, 09:13

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5 replies

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Your still in the same section :thinking:  at least now you have supply chain tag so if someone search for supply chain they might read this post.

This is the section you are looking for:


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@Phil No. it is impossible after all transactions are created. What you can do is to issue all material from stock then change the UoM of the part using a data repair (only if necessary) and receive them again. It would be cleaner if you can create a new part instead. Are these something you can try?

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Thank you for your reply @ShadowWizard. We will probably go with that scenario. Much appreciated. 

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@ShadowWizard what do you mean by using data repair ? Is this a window ? 

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@Phil That depends on the situation you have with basic data now. Do you have a situation which you need to change the UoM of the Inventory Part? In that case Inventory Part record may need to be fixed with a data repair as it cannot be changed from the application. (This should not be done with an on hand stock; need to get rid of the stock first)