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When is the last day for IFS 9 support?

  • 5 August 2022
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Greetings, IFS Community.


What is the last date on which IFS will support IFS 9?

After that date, what happens if a company requires support and is still using IFS9?

Can you please provide me with a document or chart that indicates the last day of support for the IFS ERP systems?


-----------------------Separate question about Avalara Software_----------------------------

Can IFS 9 be used with Avalara? Does anyone have Avalara installed on IFS 9? What are your thoughts?


Thank you.




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5 replies

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Hi @ZTC ZTC JGOTA we use App9 and are on the ‘extended support’ phase. I noticed this chart from an IFS Cloud webinar which indicates the timelines. 



For us it’s an annual contract, but it’s restricted for sure right now. For instance IFS didn’t agree to develop the bugfix mentioned here since we’re on App9. [See the comment] 


Project Unique Procurement is not consistent with automatic order processing | IFS Community


This must be the document you’re looking for [See the section under App9]

IFS Global Support Policy | IFS Community


I’ve copied the relavant section below:


Read this thread if you’d like to understand what restricted support means.

Tip: IFS Applications - Restricted Support Phase | IFS Community


As for someone using Avalara along with IFS9, there’s a user here: 

Colorado Delivery Fee | IFS Community

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We are operating off of a March 2023 end date for support.  After that date, there will be no standard updates, patch support will be charged and limited only to critical functions.  Fiscal compliance will start to become an issue as legal changes in various countries will no longer be implemented.

Slide 3


Yes, Avalara is compatible with Version 9, though I don’t know which version of Avalara is matched.  Look at the Sales Part view for example, you should see an Avalara tab already there depending on your Update level.

We are implementing Avalara but as part of the upgrade to Cloud, so we aren’t using it at the moment.  But we did make the decision to switch from Vertex rather than upgrading Vertex, so that should tell you something.

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Hello @Asela Munasinghe  @ShawnBerk 


Thank you very much for your response regarding the last day of support for IFS 9.


As part of the implementation of Avalara IFS 9, I have opened a case with IFS.

IFS 9 must have a "Tax Integration Module" in order to be comparable to Avalara 




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Fiscal compliance will start to become an issue as legal changes in various countries will no longer be implemented.




 @ShawnBerk I wasn’t aware about anything related to fiscal compliance. What are the legal changes you are referring to please? 

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@Asela Munasinghe 

I’ll give two examples:

  1. There is a quarterly report for Italy that is a government required filing, there is a small problem with it but IFS has determined that it won’t get fixed in V9 because there is a work around, it actually isn’t on the backlog to be fixed until 23R1.
  2. We have a current issue with the implementation of Supplier Invoicing for non-Italian suppliers being utilized out of Italy that requires a patch to implement.  There was a government regulation change that went into effect July 2022.  The patch is being provided as part of the maintenance because V9 is still in extended support.  After Mar 2023, those sorts of changes are no longer guaranteed nor are they likely to be included in whatever maintenance you are able to maintain. 

IFS will provide critical updates, but what those updates are and who deems them critical will not be determined by the customer.  After Mar 2023, keeping V9 stable depends on how wide your footprint is and how likely it is to be affected by regulation changes outside of your control.